Offering Solutions for Clients and Value for Talent

Solutions for Clients

We are the leading and most respected healthcare solutions company in the communities we serve. We are valued as a trusted advisor by our clients, patients, associates, and business partners.

We provide various solutions to clients in a variety of settings.We provide a wide range of services for clients including Travel Staffing, Team Building & Engagement, Education Programs, Pharmacy Services, Consulting, Per Diem Staffing, and many more. If you identify a problem we are likely the solution. 

Value for Talent

Finally a company that is willing to pay the front-line employee what they are worth. Zactly seeks and encourages growth from our Talent. If you want it bad enough you will get it at Zactly. 

What you put into Zactly you will get out of it! Our Talent is something special and you have to be too. We may ask more of our team than other employers but they wouldn't have it any other way. To learn more about becoming a part of this team click the Talent Button at the top of the page or click the MORE button. 

The Team 

The Zactly Leadership Team is highly experienced in a number of healthcare models and settings. We have a highly diversified set of skills and are always flexible in meeting the needs of our clients. 

Currently all leaders at Zactly have extensive healthcare experience and that isn't going to change anytime soon. This means that we are able to connect with clients at your level. It also means we know exactly what it means to work on the front lines for Talent. 

Our Promises

Our pledge to patients is that you will always feel compassion, empathy, kindness, and support from our caregivers. To be a part of the Talent Team at Zactly Healthcare Solutions you must have these attributes and be willing to put them on display for every patient and person you encounter. We hire only the best of the best to ensure that our pledge and promise to patients is never broken or questioned. This is the pledge we hold most dear, because if we have failed to do this, we have failed in our most basic purpose.

In becoming part of the healthcare industry all of us at one time or another told ourselves that we want to make a career out of helping others. We must promise that we are going to give our all, even when we don’t feel like we can. We must never lose the compassionate and positive spirit that inspired us to work. And most importantly we must commit to always being willing to learn. Healthcare and patients will change every day, to be able to continue to care for patients we must be open to the idea that we might not know everything.

If we have subordinates, there are promises that will need to be kept or we will fail in our roles as leaders. First and foremost, we must be leaders who support our subordinates in whatever ways we can. It is easy to fall into the mindset of “I am just a piece of the machine and I can be replaced.”  We must never allow subordinates to feel or think this way. Leaders must also be willing to do what they ask of others; this is for the benefit of subordinate and the leader. There is no perfect leader and they must be willing to admit their faults and shortcomings, a subordinate will respect you more if they know your faults and still see you persevere.

Our pledge to our customers we commit to being consistent in our practices and expectations, timely and punctual in our service, and supportive of their individual needs. Caring for patients can be difficult and we want to be a resource not a burden to our customers. It is important that every person who associates themselves with Zactly is a model of this pledge. For us to continue to be a resource to that customer we must earn, maintain, and value their trust in us and in our reputation.

To our coworkers both inside and outside of Zactly we need to promise to be a person of support and kindness not one of opposition or animosity. Our coworkers are most likely the people who will carry us through on the hardest days. We also must be willing to let our coworkers know when they are doing something wrong. We are doing a disservice to our friend or coworker if we allow them to slip into bad habits or fail to correct a mistake. We don’t have to go it alone, if someone needs us, we must promise to be the first one to raise our hands.

To our superiors we promise to seek guidance when necessary and accept constructive criticism regarding our shortcomings. A superior or leader is someone who should have our best interest at heart, if this is not the case, we promise to have to courage to speak up. We will also promise that we will have the courage to speak up for others even when it may difficult to do so. At times there may be decisions made by our leaders that we question. We promise to trust and have faith that our leaders are making decisions that are in the overall best interest of everyone.

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Zactly Healthcare Soulutions

We provide innovative healthcare solutions and services that help our clients deliver exceptional, cost effective patient care.

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