Clinical Services

Per Diem Staffing

If you have the occasional staffing need or your want to prepare your facility for worst case scenarios per diem staffing may be for you.  Talent Team is highly flexible and dependable. A few hours into their shift you will wonder why you ever used a different agency. Our Team is there to provide value not just fill a spot on your schedule. Know when you get Zactly Talent you are getting quality, professionalism, dependability, and experience. Do not wait for an emergency you can sign a contract today and use us in the future!

Specialty Staffing

Specialty Staffing is one of our most unique clinical services. Sometimes your most specialized staff will unexpectedly leave. This can present a problem because positions like MDS Coordinator, Wound Care Nurse, Infection Control/Prevention etc...can be difficult to hire for. We have highly capable team members who are able to step in for a short period of time to keep these roles functional. This allows you time to find, hire, and train the right replacement. 

Travel Staffing

We aim to provide long-term supplemental staff including but not limited to RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and Restorative Aides.  Because our Leadership Team has extensive experience in healthcare, we understand the quality of service and expertise you are looking for. Our Talent Team Members will always go above and beyond for your building. We expect them to be excellent communicators, productive, flexible, dependable, problem solvers, and display outstanding performance daily. At this time, we only serve facilities in Colorado so you know that you will be a priority client for us. 

Wound Care/ Infection Prevention

These are process oriented systems that require attention to detail to avoid costly errors. Zactly will evaluate the current systems or processes in place and recommend changes based on findings.  These programs directly affect the care and the lives of the residents and should be one of the highest priorities of facility leadership.



Our consulting services are the most in-depth clinical service we offer. Types of consulting is truly based on the needs of your facility.  You can feel confident that whatever consulting service you select will give you the ultimate value and benefit. 


Temp to Hire 


Zactly Healthcare Solutions will hire any necessary clinical personnel that are needed to properly manage your facilities.  Potential cost savings are big, as Temp-to-Hire reduces the risk of making a bad hire. By letting Zactly hire for these positions, we can ensure quality control of the prospective employee.  The benefit to you will be decreased HR costs, immediate retention, and no company obligations to this employee.

Restorative Programs 

Restorative Programs are essential to maintaining the physical function and well-being of residents in a skilled nursing community.  I  Program will be implemented using one on one and groups where appropriate with the focus on reducing staff burden during ALDs, and mobility tasks, decrease risk of wounds and decline, as well as improve overall quality of life.


Occupational, and Speech


We collaborate with your therapy team to Identify deficits and restrictions to providing therapy to residents.  Review of ongoing screening processes as it relates to contractures, incidents of choking, falls, poor positioning both in wheelchairs and at bed level, cognitive impairment and decline, and functional mobility.  We will also review case-mix and collaborate with MDS for ARDs.

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