Our QMAP's and RNA's are flexible in both ability and knowledge. They are able to wear different hats and look good in any. This job may be a stepping stone for many, but for others it is their life's passion. Whether you are planning to advance or continue your career in one of these roles, Zactly is the place to do it. We can give seasoned aides freedom and choice like no one else. For those looking to advance from these positions there is no limits, as your skills grow your career can grow with Zactly.  




Certified Nurse 




Our skilled therapy team are licensed physical, speech/language, and occupational therapists, physical therapist, and occupational therapy assistants. They take pride in finding a person’s balance between independence and ability. Their focus is the importance of a high quality of life and the well-being of the individual. Our therapists promote non-traditional treatment plans to people living in senior care communities or at home aging in place.  Are you able to work in a diverse and challenging skilled therapy services environment? Are you ready to provide out-patient therapy, in-home and mobile therapy, health and wellness programs or on-site contract rehabilitation services? 



Our assistants are dynamic individuals who are tech savvy, eager to immerse themselves in the business world, and can multitask to the extreme. Zactly's Assistants show up to work ready for the challenges and opportunities given to them. They are superior communicators and can prioritize in their sleep.Are you able to handle yourself, handle others, and steer your own boat? Zactly Healthcare Solutions may be the first place to start your career in business or management.