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Creativity & Culture

This week at Zactly we have been talking a lot about the kind of culture we have and what that lets us do. To give you some insight we view ourselves and our Talent as Clinical Leaders but more importantly we are Creativity Leaders. It is important for any organization in the healthcare industry to be and remain flexible. Our environments change constantly! Individuals and organizations who are unable to flex and adapt will have a very hard time keeping up with change. As Warren Buffett puts it, "Only when the tide goes out you will realize who was skinny dipping."

For us this means being prepared for as many eventualities as possible, and constantly looking for growth and ideas. We had a call yesterday with a healthcare leader for the State of Colorado. It was a great conversation in which we collaborated and discussed the challenges that organizations in the Long-Term Care industry face. Namely that organizations with poor cultures and lack of flexibility are having a hard time adapting to the environments that COVID-19 has created. As always, we see this challenge as an opportunity to evaluate ourselves and help others.

We put our heads together, brainstormed, and identified the aspects of our culture that would be beneficial to other organizations. As it usually goes, this small idea blossomed into something massive. We have already mapped and planned how we are going to bring a tangible Culture-Based Service to clients. We feel that our culture of creativity, optimism, caring leadership, and drive for success is something that we can scale and bring to others.

Our culture is becoming something truly special, we know everyone and every company says that. But ask an Talent Team Member what our culture looks like. It probably is something a little different for each of them. Our culture is competitive, this applies pressure to those who want to succeed and gives benchmarks for success. While at the same time its intensely positive, the love and support that I see in Slack Channels is what healthcare should be! Most importantly our culture has given leaders and Talent the encouragement and feedback to generate ideas that benefit themselves and our organization. For me this is huge, there are so many people in healthcare that have decades of experience but have never felt comfortable sharing their ideas and dreams. We are doing everything we can to work out every single idea that is put in front of us. The Zactly Culture is making sure we don't get caught when the tide goes out.

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