• Thomas Sharak

Sales in Healthcare- It Happens Everyday!

When it comes to sales in healthcare, everyone thinks of research and marketing. Advertisement, emails, cold calling, and promotion. Business meetings and corporate dinners. But what most people do not realize is that sales start with you, the dedicated professional healthcare worker. Sales is an encompassing force that is best promoted by the individual at the facility level. People witness firsthand the level of quality you provide and associate your company name with those attributes. Name recognition begins to circulate, and leaders start to associate your name with excellence. This will inevitably increase sales and the likelihood of future business.

Here is a scenario. An agency nurse goes above and beyond to provide for an ailing resident. The charge nurse recognizes this effort and reports their findings to their manager. The news of this excellent care reaches the administrator and is passed on at the corporate level. Your business name is spread and becomes highly appreciated within that company. The result is that business in now promoted within the company and beyond into the community. This process all started with that exemplary nurse.

A lot of people do not recognize this value in themselves. A CNA, that brings an idea to the manager of how to improve scheduling, does not realize that they are promoting sales. Another example could be a manager that teaches a resident a better way to care for themselves. These individuals do not understand their worth in this regard and how important they are when it comes to sales. You, the individual, are the face that drives sales and marketing. You are the most valuable asset than any company can have to drive the growth and continuum of excellence in care.

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