• Lucas Hyslop

State of the Union-90 Days In

In healthcare a 90-day review is highly common after the hire of a new employee, it is usually the end of the probationary period. Zactly is taking the opportunity, to the date, to reflect on accomplishments, mistakes, and the path forward. We feel it is vital to the health of our organization to plan, implement, evaluate, and plan again. At our 90 day mark it is time to evaluate and plan again.

At this time, we have laid out our vision for the future, including 3 separate but equal business units of Clinical, Community, and Ancillary Services. These units will bring us to any clients who needs or desires the excellence Zactly provides. All the projects, positions, missions, and day to day tasks fall into one of these three categories. We set our mission as “Changing the healthcare landscape of the communities we live and work in”. This is not a mission that can be accomplished by team members or leaders who prefer to remain comfortable in what they do.

Our team is always growing and our culture is something truly remarkable. With around 60 employees every new team member has an impact on the culture of our organization. There is usually a degree of culture shock for many who have not felt the appropriate support and leadership during their career. The compassion, competition, and teamwork our Talent Team has created sets the stage for the retention of the highest quality team member. As a new organization there is little room for negative contributions to culture, reputation, or quality. Some have found that they were not ready for the standards and expectations of Zactly. Some have elected to buy in to our standards and vision when we are more established. They will be welcomed back with open arms, but a degree of trust will need to be earned back. We highly value those who have believed in the future from day one but will never devalue those who have and can make positive contributions.

Business growth has come in waves, the circumstances of our nation and community has made it difficult to connect with clients in a meaningful personal way. This has given us the opportunity to be creative in our approach and identify needs of clients before they even ask for assistance. When times became difficult, we became streamlined and efficient. When times were good, we refused to be satisfied and pushed for more whenever possible.

90 days is simply not a long enough period to evaluate the success, failures, and future of a company. It is the perfect opportunity to review the recent past and plan for the near future. Zactly is enduring through any complication thrown our way, something we have become particularly adept at. The next Zactly State of the Union will be published on April 1st, 2021 and will be vastly different from the organization we lead, work for, and work with today. We look to our team members to continue to shape and mold the company they work for. We look to our leaders to see their visions to fruition. Lastly, we look to our clients, both current and future, to give us the opportunity to change landscapes.

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