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Normally our blog is reserved for topical or meaningful discussion, this is no exception apart from the fact that we have something to offer you. Zactly has experienced tremendous growth over the past 6 months. We have good weeks and bad weeks just like you, this week closes on a very good note. We are proud to announce that we are officially opening the Zactly Clinical Academy!

The Clinical Academy is where we begin to truly leave a mark on the communities we serve. Normally we hire the best of the best and bring them to clients in need. We decided it was time to start training and educating the best of the best. That is, in essence, what the Clinical Academy is all about. Our mission is to train, educate, and produce the most professional and dependable candidates that employers are looking for. Yes, we know that plenty of other organizations and people offer something similar. So why Zactly? As an experienced Nursing Manager I have read thousands of resumes and hired hundreds of entry level employees. Guess what? In all those resumes I never cared where they got their training or certification. Sounds harsh? Maybe! I cared what I could do for them and what I could do with them once I hired them. What if I didn't have to do anything extra with them, what if an organization gave them the most complete training and guidance possible and they were ready to show up and do the job? Starting today it is going to matter where you got your certification, employers are going to be looking for the Zactly Stamp of Approval.

The Clinical Academy is going to grow as rapidly as Zactly Healthcare Solutions has. We are working on both online and in-person training modules including CNA Training, Phlebotomy Certifications, CPR & BLS Training, and more. So where are we starting? A QMAP Certification Course! We have been certified as a teaching entity by the State of Colorado and class dates are available now!


There are different terms and titles in different states, QMAP, Med Tech, CMA etc... They are all fairly similar, in Colorado a QMAP is a entry level certification that allows an individual to prepare and administer medications in a variety of settings including Assisted Livings, Independent Living, Group Homes, and others. It is a job that requires careful attention to detail, compassion, kindness, and above all a willingness to serve others. It is a great first step for a career in healthcare.


I started my nursing career as a CNA/CMA in the state of Kansas, I didn't make a ton of money with my dual certification. What I did have was flexibility and countless learning opportunities to prepare me to be a better nurse. I could secure pretty much whatever job I wanted or needed. But most importantly I became an excellent manager of time! It isn't an easy job, you will learn to balance the attention that medication administration requires and the needs of patients and clients. Looking back now, I realize I would have really struggled as a nurse if I had not had the prior experience.


If you are a nurse already, congratulations the nation is in desperate need of nurses! But your time for QMAP Certification has come and gone. If you aren't a RN, LPN, RT, PT, OT, MD, or NP yet...I could go all day with the abbreviations... QMAP Certification is something that you should consider. It is the perfect stepping stone for any career in healthcare, it will make you a better, see your desired abbreviation above. It will give you some pharmacology experience, medical terminology, and most importantly how to interact with patients and their loved ones. Maybe you have no long term aspirations to work in healthcare, a little disappointing for a nurse to hear, but okay. Basic work skills like communication, customer service, and problem solving are valuable for any career path. If you are one of many who have faced economic hardship during COVID, healthcare is a industry that isn't going anywhere. In fact healthcare is open for business 24/7, 365, weekends, nights, and holidays. You can always find a job in healthcare!

So if I have informed you, encouraged you, and captured your interest give our Clinical Academy page a visit and get registered at

If you have more questions about Zactly, what we do, who we serve, or the QMAP course feel free to shoot us an email at or give us a call!

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