• Lucas Hyslop

Today, Tomorrow, and "What's Next!?"

Goals, timelines, projections, and missions mean nothing if you find yourself unable to see them to fruition. How do you achieve long term goals when they seem so far away and impossible? You have probably heard the answer before, but it didn't mean enough to you to give it a try. Give yourself a list of 10 or 20 or 50 items that get you closer to meeting that goal and assign due dates to those items.

Your dreams and ideas should scare you a little bit. If you have never had the feeling of not wanting to share an idea because you intimidated yourself it is humbling and highly motivational. When you have a bit a fear with an idea you know its really really good. This is where many people get stuck unfortunately, the stroke of brilliance happens and it intimidated them so much they never shared it with anyone else. So when an idea scares the crap out of you how do you get over the fear of presenting it? You make it achievable. Make a step by step plan of how you are going to achieve the goal or idea. This takes the hypothetical out of the situation and makes it your every day reality.

When you have made the idea tangible and achievable via steps and planning you really have something. Once the goal or idea has become a part of your reality and everyday life what do you do with it is up to you. If the idea was good and personally important to you, why would you let it fall off the table because of lack of will power? There are many reasons, but for the most part they are excuses we use to avoid admitting we weren't as committed to the idea as we thought we were.

So to maintain motivation about the idea the best thing we can do is quit thinking about it everyday. If you find yourself imagining the idea and daydreaming constantly about your future success you will never get there. Once you have planned the path to your goal your focus must be the current and the next step. You should never worry about what you are going to do 10 steps from now, its not here yet so handle it when it is. To put it simply, work on your steps like a madman, be impatient, push yourself to make the next one or two things happen today. Yes there will be detours and roadblocks but as long as you remain focused on "What's Next" they will never deter you from the end results.The bigger idea or goal you must be patient with, its not going to happen today so quit thinking about it. If you focus on your day to day the long term goal will become reality earlier than you think.

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