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  • This Blog Post is an Ad!

    Normally our blog is reserved for topical or meaningful discussion, this is no exception apart from the fact that we have something to offer you. Zactly has experienced tremendous growth over the past 6 months. We have good weeks and bad weeks just like you, this week closes on a very good note. We are proud to announce that we are officially opening the Zactly Clinical Academy! The Clinical Academy is where we begin to truly leave a mark on the communities we serve. Normally we hire the best of the best and bring them to clients in need. We decided it was time to start training and educating the best of the best. That is, in essence, what the Clinical Academy is all about. Our mission is to train, educate, and produce the most professional and dependable candidates that employers are looking for. Yes, we know that plenty of other organizations and people offer something similar. So why Zactly? As an experienced Nursing Manager I have read thousands of resumes and hired hundreds of entry level employees. Guess what? In all those resumes I never cared where they got their training or certification. Sounds harsh? Maybe! I cared what I could do for them and what I could do with them once I hired them. What if I didn't have to do anything extra with them, what if an organization gave them the most complete training and guidance possible and they were ready to show up and do the job? Starting today it is going to matter where you got your certification, employers are going to be looking for the Zactly Stamp of Approval. The Clinical Academy is going to grow as rapidly as Zactly Healthcare Solutions has. We are working on both online and in-person training modules including CNA Training, Phlebotomy Certifications, CPR & BLS Training, and more. So where are we starting? A QMAP Certification Course! We have been certified as a teaching entity by the State of Colorado and class dates are available now! WHAT IS A QMAP? There are different terms and titles in different states, QMAP, Med Tech, CMA etc... They are all fairly similar, in Colorado a QMAP is a entry level certification that allows an individual to prepare and administer medications in a variety of settings including Assisted Livings, Independent Living, Group Homes, and others. It is a job that requires careful attention to detail, compassion, kindness, and above all a willingness to serve others. It is a great first step for a career in healthcare. WHY QMAP CERTIFICATION? I started my nursing career as a CNA/CMA in the state of Kansas, I didn't make a ton of money with my dual certification. What I did have was flexibility and countless learning opportunities to prepare me to be a better nurse. I could secure pretty much whatever job I wanted or needed. But most importantly I became an excellent manager of time! It isn't an easy job, you will learn to balance the attention that medication administration requires and the needs of patients and clients. Looking back now, I realize I would have really struggled as a nurse if I had not had the prior experience. WHO SHOULD GET THE CERTIFICATION? If you are a nurse already, congratulations the nation is in desperate need of nurses! But your time for QMAP Certification has come and gone. If you aren't a RN, LPN, RT, PT, OT, MD, or NP yet...I could go all day with the abbreviations... QMAP Certification is something that you should consider. It is the perfect stepping stone for any career in healthcare, it will make you a better, see your desired abbreviation above. It will give you some pharmacology experience, medical terminology, and most importantly how to interact with patients and their loved ones. Maybe you have no long term aspirations to work in healthcare, a little disappointing for a nurse to hear, but okay. Basic work skills like communication, customer service, and problem solving are valuable for any career path. If you are one of many who have faced economic hardship during COVID, healthcare is a industry that isn't going anywhere. In fact healthcare is open for business 24/7, 365, weekends, nights, and holidays. You can always find a job in healthcare! So if I have informed you, encouraged you, and captured your interest give our Clinical Academy page a visit and get registered at If you have more questions about Zactly, what we do, who we serve, or the QMAP course feel free to shoot us an email at or give us a call!

  • State of the Union-90 Days In

    In healthcare a 90-day review is highly common after the hire of a new employee, it is usually the end of the probationary period. Zactly is taking the opportunity, to the date, to reflect on accomplishments, mistakes, and the path forward. We feel it is vital to the health of our organization to plan, implement, evaluate, and plan again. At our 90 day mark it is time to evaluate and plan again. At this time, we have laid out our vision for the future, including 3 separate but equal business units of Clinical, Community, and Ancillary Services. These units will bring us to any clients who needs or desires the excellence Zactly provides. All the projects, positions, missions, and day to day tasks fall into one of these three categories. We set our mission as “Changing the healthcare landscape of the communities we live and work in”. This is not a mission that can be accomplished by team members or leaders who prefer to remain comfortable in what they do. Our team is always growing and our culture is something truly remarkable. With around 60 employees every new team member has an impact on the culture of our organization. There is usually a degree of culture shock for many who have not felt the appropriate support and leadership during their career. The compassion, competition, and teamwork our Talent Team has created sets the stage for the retention of the highest quality team member. As a new organization there is little room for negative contributions to culture, reputation, or quality. Some have found that they were not ready for the standards and expectations of Zactly. Some have elected to buy in to our standards and vision when we are more established. They will be welcomed back with open arms, but a degree of trust will need to be earned back. We highly value those who have believed in the future from day one but will never devalue those who have and can make positive contributions. Business growth has come in waves, the circumstances of our nation and community has made it difficult to connect with clients in a meaningful personal way. This has given us the opportunity to be creative in our approach and identify needs of clients before they even ask for assistance. When times became difficult, we became streamlined and efficient. When times were good, we refused to be satisfied and pushed for more whenever possible. 90 days is simply not a long enough period to evaluate the success, failures, and future of a company. It is the perfect opportunity to review the recent past and plan for the near future. Zactly is enduring through any complication thrown our way, something we have become particularly adept at. The next Zactly State of the Union will be published on April 1st, 2021 and will be vastly different from the organization we lead, work for, and work with today. We look to our team members to continue to shape and mold the company they work for. We look to our leaders to see their visions to fruition. Lastly, we look to our clients, both current and future, to give us the opportunity to change landscapes.

  • Sales in Healthcare- It Happens Everyday!

    When it comes to sales in healthcare, everyone thinks of research and marketing. Advertisement, emails, cold calling, and promotion. Business meetings and corporate dinners. But what most people do not realize is that sales start with you, the dedicated professional healthcare worker. Sales is an encompassing force that is best promoted by the individual at the facility level. People witness firsthand the level of quality you provide and associate your company name with those attributes. Name recognition begins to circulate, and leaders start to associate your name with excellence. This will inevitably increase sales and the likelihood of future business. Here is a scenario. An agency nurse goes above and beyond to provide for an ailing resident. The charge nurse recognizes this effort and reports their findings to their manager. The news of this excellent care reaches the administrator and is passed on at the corporate level. Your business name is spread and becomes highly appreciated within that company. The result is that business in now promoted within the company and beyond into the community. This process all started with that exemplary nurse. A lot of people do not recognize this value in themselves. A CNA, that brings an idea to the manager of how to improve scheduling, does not realize that they are promoting sales. Another example could be a manager that teaches a resident a better way to care for themselves. These individuals do not understand their worth in this regard and how important they are when it comes to sales. You, the individual, are the face that drives sales and marketing. You are the most valuable asset than any company can have to drive the growth and continuum of excellence in care.

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  • Services | ZactlyHealthcare

    OUR SERVICES Clinical Services Per Diem Staffing Management & Specialty Consulting Travel Staffing Educational Offerings & Programs Temp to Hire Program Specialty Staffing PT/OT/ST Services Wound Care Services Community Services Wellness Clinic Home Health CNA School City Services Home Plus Transitional Care Ancillary Services Telehealth Medical Transportation Therapy Dogs Pharmacy Contracted HR Clinical Services Excellence in care and service Our clinical services are the benchmark by which others set their own goals and expectations. Our clinical teams are simply the best of the best. Anything less is never acceptable to us or our clients. Community Services Connecting the under served with the unavailable. Our community services are just that, for the community. It can be difficult for patients and families to truly know the best options. We aim to provide and guide the members of our community to the most ideal choices. Ancillary Services The extra perks of partnership with Zactly. These services are the enhancements that make the rest of our programs and services so special. They are our creative solutions to make the services different from those offered by everyone else.

  • Talent Team Posistions | ZactlyHealthcare

    Registered Nurse RN Webpage.pdf QMAP/ RNA Our QMAP's and RNA's are flexible in both ability and knowledge. They are able to wear different hats and look good in any. This job may be a stepping stone for many, but for others it is their life's passion. Whether you are planning to advance or continue your career in one of these roles, Zactly is the place to do it. We can give seasoned aides freedom and choice like no one else. For those looking to advance from these positions there is no limits, as your skills grow your career can grow with Zactly. Licensed Practical Nurse LPN Webpage.pdf Certified Nurse Aide CNA Webpage.pdf Therapy Staff Our skilled therapy team are licensed physical, speech/language, and occupational therapists, physical therapist, and occupational therapy assistants. They take pride in finding a person’s balance between independence and ability. Their focus is the importance of a high quality of life and the well-being of the individual. Our therapists promote non-traditional treatment plans to people living in senior care communities or at home aging in place. Are you able to work in a diverse and challenging skilled therapy services environment? Are you ready to provide out-patient therapy, in-home and mobile therapy, health and wellness programs or on-site contract rehabilitation services? Administrative Assistant Our assistants are dynamic individuals who are tech savvy, eager to immerse themselves in the business world, and can multitask to the extreme. Zactly's Assistants show up to work ready for the challenges and opportunities given to them. They are superior communicators and can prioritize in their sleep.Are you able to handle yourself, handle others, and steer your own boat? Zactly Healthcare Solutions may be the first place to start your career in business or management.

  • Community Services | ZactlyHealthcare

    Community Services Zactly Wellness Clinic We are developing and partnering with various community vendors to bring a Wellness Clinic to our communities. We aim to bring the unavailable to the under-served. If you are interested in becoming a partner, working in the clinic, or helping with development call us Today! Home Health We have a close relationship with A Caring Home Health and are able to connect private clients with the nursing care they need in their own homes. If you or a loved one are in need of our services never hesitate to reach out to Zactly Leadership and we will start working for you. City Services In cooperation with our various city partners we provide a variety of services for local government and community events. These include but are not limited to Fun Runs, Health Screenings, Medical Supervision Education Offerings, and many more that allow our communities to live and work successfully. Transitional Care Transitional care is the continuity of healthcare during a movement from one healthcare setting to either another setting or to home. Our transitional care management team will provide services during the 30-day post discharge period from an inpatient hospital setting to a client’s community setting. This program will be implemented in the very near future likely in partnership with local hospitals, private clients, and home health companies. Home Plus The Home Plus Care Model is a revolutionary setting that has brought true home-like care to other states. We are working rapidly to implement this care model in states that have yet to adopt it. It truly allows patients to recieve care in a setting that is actually a home and not a facility with home-like qualities.

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