Clinical Services 

  • Per Diem Staffing
  • Management & Specialty Consulting  
  • Travel Staffing
  • Educational Offerings & Programs
  • Temp to Hire Program 
  • Specialty Staffing 
  • PT/OT/ST Services 
  • Wound Care Services 

Community Services 

  • Wellness Clinic
  • Home Health
  • CNA School
  • City Services 
  • Home Plus
  • Transitional Care

Ancillary Services 

  • Telehealth
  • Medical Transportation
  • Therapy Dogs 
  • Pharmacy
  • Contracted HR

 Clinical Services 

Excellence in care and service

Our clinical services are the benchmark by which others set their own goals and expectations. Our clinical teams are simply the best of the best. Anything less is never acceptable to us or our clients.

Community Services 

Connecting the under served with the unavailable. 

Our community services are just that, for the community. It can be difficult for patients and families to truly know the best options. We aim to provide and guide the members of our community to the most ideal choices. 

Ancillary Services 

The extra perks of partnership with Zactly. 

These services are the enhancements that make the rest of our programs and services so special. They are our creative solutions to make the services different from those offered by everyone else.