The Zactly Talent Team 

The Zactly Talent Team is composed of nurses, therapist, techs, and aides that are simply the best. A Zactly Talent Team Member goes above and beyond in all scenarios. They take adversity as an opportunity and relish in chances to provide value. Many organizations claim to have the best employees, yet Zactly proves it on a daily basis. The Talent Team is highly versatile and able to meet patient needs in a multitude of care settings.  

Most importantly the Talent Team is hungry. They hunger for success, for growth, and to provide that for others. Its not easy to the best and when The Talent Team struggles they know that they can turn to their peers for sources of strength, leadership, and comfort in even the most trying of times. It is upon this foundation that Zactly builds its reputation, success, and direction. 

Team Member of the Month

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Coming Soon! Zactly's First Employee of the Month will be posted July 1st 

This could be you!

Perks of Joining the Talent Team 

  • Pay, Far Above Market and our Competitors 
  • Professional Growth 
  • Coworkers who share your values
  • Clear Communication 
  • Complete Autonomy in Work Schedule 
  • Experience in All Healthcare Environments
  • The Ability to Shape and Mold your Future
  • Leadership That TRULY Values You
  • The opportunity to provide the level of care that you have always wanted. 

Growth & Advancement at Zactly

Growth at Zactly isn't complicated but it is earned. Your ability to grow within our organization is completely based on you. We look to our team members to develop their own growth opportunities. That idea or job you have always wanted to have is the job we want you to have. But YOU have to make it happen! We will take the steps needed and provide the resources to allow you to grow into your dream job or title. We want to to grow as a company and to be able to do that we need Talent that wants to grow. If you have the firmest desire to grow as a healthcare professional Zactly is the place where it will happen. Even for those who have had no previous desire to grow, the culture at Zactly will likely create the inner fire necessary for career advancement.  

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Team Member Testimonial 

Working for Zactly is a honor, my management team is very supportive and attentive to all of our needs. They are always easy to communicate with and listen with an open door! It’s amazing to have a team to back you and be there for you when you need them. -  Toni C LPN